Poster Contribution for DronEL Wins “Best Poster Award in Photovoltaic Characterization Methods” in Washington

Postdoc Gisele Benatto from the PV Team in the Diode Lasers & LED Systems Group represented the DronEL project at the international IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference 2017 in Washington, and received the prize “Winner of Best Poster Award in Photovoltaic Characterization Methods” for the effort.

The first experimental studies of inspection of PV panels by electroluminescence and photoluminescence were shown in a poster contribution that became “Winner of Best Poster Award in Photovoltaic Characterization Methods”.

“Drone-based automatic inspection will lower the prices, increase quality and speed of large PV power plant QA checks. DTU Fotonik’s solid knowledge base within PV characterization, laser lighting and image processing is already making a difference in the project”, says prize winner Gisele Benatto.

The PV service market is estimated to 40 billion DKK in 2020 and this project aim at tapping into this by exploiting excellent research together with leading industry players in synergetic field.

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Sharp-eyed drones is going to protect the world’s solar cell systems

A new Danish project is developing drones that can automatically survey solar systems and perform advanced diagnostics. This way, any errors can be found quickly and cost-effectively, so society does not lose precious green energy.

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