Our Team

Dezso Sera
Associate Professor, AAU

Dezso is the project manager of the DronEL project and an expert within photovoltaic systems and Power Electronics.

Phone: +45 9940 3307
Email: des@et.aau.dk

Peter Behrensdorff Poulsen
Special Consultant, DTU Fotonik

Peter is the manager of the PV team at DTU Fotonik and has worked with PV for almost 20 years in industry and within research.

Phone: +45 2132 5110
Email: ppou@fotonik.dtu.dk
Sergiu Spataru
Assistant Professor, AAU

Sergiu is an expert in diagnostics and condition monitoring of PV power systems, focusing on electroluminescence-based failure detection and quantification.

Phone: +45 9940 9754
Email: ssp@et.aau.dk
Sune Thorsteinsson
Speical Consultant, DTU Fotonik

Sune is a skilled researcher within photovoltaics and is the daily manager of the PV laboratories at DTU Fotonik in Roskilde.

Phone: +45 5155 2962
Email: sunth@fotonik.dtu.dk

Michael Messerschmidt
Chief Business Dev., Skywatch

As the Chief Business Development Officer I development and maintain our strategic partnership network within the global defence and aerospace industry.

Phone: +45 5371 7181
Email: mm@sky-watch.dk
Søren Forchhammer
Professor, DTU Fotonik

Søren is professor and head of the Coding and Visual image and video coding at DTU Fotonik. He is an expert in image and video coding and analysis.

Phone: +45 4525 3622
Email: sofo@fotonik.dtu.dk

Henrik Voss
CTO, Sky-Watch

Henrik is overall responsible for the R&D department, strategic roadmaps and execution of product development, internal and external projects.

Phone: +45 9686 7666
Email: hv@sky-watch.dk
Claire Mantel
Researcher, DTU Fotonik

Claire is Researcher at DTU Fotonik and an expert within modelling and analysis of video quality and assessment of compressed images for content selection.

Phone: +45 4525 3628
Email: clma@fotonik.dtu.dk

Nicholas Riedel
Research assistant, DTU Fotonik

Nicholas is a skilled researcher within degradation mechanisms in PV panels and diagnostic tools for performance assessment.

Phone: +45 4272 2258
Email: nrie@fotonik.dtu.dk
Jan Vedde

Jan is CEO of SiCon and has worked with the whole value chain of PV for more than 25 years. He is currently involved in the solar farm industry.

Phone: +45 2345 6959
Email: jan.vedde@mail.dk
Carsten Dam-Hansen
Senior Scientist, DTU Fotonik

Carsten is a Senior Scientist and he is leading DTU Fotoniks light and optical research group containing some of the best laboratory facilities in the world.

Phone: +45 4677 4513
Email: cadh@fotonik.dtu.dk

Kenn H. B. Frederiksen
CEO Kenergy

Kenn has worked withing utility scale PV for almost 25 years and is doing service and maintenance on solar installations all over Europe.

Phone: +45 2086 9633
Email: kf@kenergy.dk

Klaus Rosenfeldt Jakobsen
Chief Advisor, IFD

Klaus is Innovation Fund Denmark's investment manager and SPOC for the DronEL project. He is senior program advisor in energy research.

Phone: +45 6190 5041
Email: klaus.jakobsen@innofond.dk

Michael Petersen
Teamleader Skive Municipality

Michael is team leader within energy saving and technology in Skive Municipality. He has been involved in several PV projects.

Phone: +45 9915 3547
Email: mipe@skivekommune.dk

Gisele Benatto
Postdoc in Photovoltaics

Gisele has a PhD in testing, life-time assessment and life cycle analysis of PV systems. She has been involved in several PV projects and a start up company.

Phone: +45 5031 6467
Email: garb@dtu.dk

Harsh Rajesh Parikh
PhD Fellow, AAU

Harsh is a skilled researcher within PV, developing diagnostic algorithms from EL and IR images for automatic fault detection and quantification.

Phone: +45 5029 2850
Email: hrp@et.aau.dk

Anna Miltersen
Academic Officer

Anna is the DronEL project's administrator. She ensures the project's resources are spend wisely and all the administrative milestones are met on time.

Phone: +45 9040 9768
Email: ami@et.aau.dk